Facesitting VR Fetish Videos


With these facesitting VR porn videos, you are going to discover your new favorite genre.

Of course, every man loves pussy, it is one of the most beautiful parts of any girl. It is great when you can enjoy it while fucking the hottie or fingering her, but it is even better when you are focusing your whole attention on her pleasure only. That is why one of the most amazing things you can do in VR is some oral, and there is no better way to experience it than with some VR facesitting. It gives you all the advantages of 69, which is regarded as one of the best positions, with the ability to be the sole reason the chick over you is moaning so intensively. The girls love being touched, and it is simply the best when they are able to force you to focus on them only, in particular their clit and all the other sensitive areas near it.

VR facesit videos are going to make you want to be submissive.

Facesitting is just the best if you are one of the guys that love to be dominated from time to time. This position puts the girl in absolute control, so she can do whatever she wants with you. She can ride your face while making you lick her or simply lightly choke you with her beautiful ass and thighs. There is nothing better than giving away the control that you have to have in real life to a hot girl in facesitting VR porn videos. All of these girls know how to get you ready for it even if it is your first time, so don’t be scared you are going to be taken care of in any of these clips. The most important thing, even in the more kinky sex is to be comfortable and you are going to get just that with this fetish content. But, if you want something more vanilla, there are still many videos to choose from.

After you try VR facesitting once, you will keep coming back for it.

If you prefer more reserved, shy girls that are still going to get you hotter than anyone else, here is the right place. Except for many femdom videos, there are still a lot of softer clips. The chicks here can talk to you in their sweet voices to get you ready or check in with you at any step of the way. They are going to take their time with the VR facesit to give you a lot of room to simply watch them move and see every part of their pussies in great detail. What is more, thanks to the amazing camera angles in VR you will even be able to see the rest of their beautiful bodies. Watch as their tits move when the babes move over you and see every reaction on their faces as they are starting to please themselves using your face. Everything here is thought through for your satisfaction.