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Czech VR Fetish 060 - Escapee’s Escapades

Featuring Chrissy Fox, Licky Lex
Apr 28, 2017
Featuring Chrissy Fox, Licky Lex
You are sitting home, when suddenly, there is an escape prisoner crawling inside through your window. What sounds like a premise to a horror story is actually something completely different in our virtual reality fetish video! This prisoner happens to be a beautiful young girl who will reward you for hiding her from a very sexy cop! Your happy time will be disturbed by a cute cop barging in your room - she will first do a very close check-up if her prisoner is not hiding things and then let herself be swayed into a lesbian fisting action, finishing everything up with a tonfa masturbation into prisoner’s tight asshole!

In this video the camera moves with the help of our sophisticated rig. The camera is stabilized when moving so you will not experience any shaking while watching. This allows us to deliver you some great views on the actresses not possible in any other way. Some people may experience a dizzy feeling while watching.
Binaural is literally for “using both ears”, which means the recording is done the same way human ears hear it. As a result when listened through headphones it gives the listener the feeling of presence in the place of recording.
Our videos are done through two separate cameras placed in the same distance as human eyes. For viewing you need to use some VR glasses to experience the immersive 3D effect. This is how you can enjoy our girls like you would have been there. We deliver high quality recordings - crisply sharp and perfectly in scale. Although your actual experience also depends on the device you use for watching.
The videos we make give you the 180 degree field of view. Because this field is wider than your natural sigh you can move your head and look round. This way you can focus on the part of the scene which is most interesting for you.